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Building Services

In order to provide for the proper use and development of land and buildings, the Shire of Northam requires an application for a building permit before work commences on any building project ie housing, commercial or industrial developments, garages, carports, patios, garden sheds and swimming pools.

Building Services also looks after the maintenance of all Council buildings, including the Suspension Bridge.

It is advisable to obtain full information, details and assistance from Council’s Building Surveyors on 9622 6119 or 9622 6118, visit the Council Offices at 395 Fitzgerald Street, Northam or e-mail building1@northam.wa.gov.au

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The Sustainable Energy Development Office have developed a rating tool for you to assess how "Energy Smart" your house is.

For information on Dividing Fences please click on the following link to the Building Commision's website http://www.buildingcommission.wa.gov.au/consumers/dividing-fences

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