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Council Meetings Dates

Forum & Ordinary Council Meetings

Council Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month commencing at 5:30pm. Meetings are convened in the Council Chambers at 395 Fitzgerald Street, Northam unless otherwise specified.

A Council Forum meeting is held on the Wednesday in the week immediately preceding the Council Meeting. These meetings also commence at 5:30pm and are held in the Council Chambers, however where the Council meeting is convened at another location as specified above, the Forum meeting will also be held at this location. Council Forum Meetings are not decision making meetings, they are in place to allow Elected Members to review the upcoming Council Agenda and seek clarifications or ask questions of staff to ensure they have access to sufficient information when making a determination on matters at the meeting of Full Council.

Meeting dates for 2019 are as follows:


Ordinary Council


16 January 2019

23 January 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

13 February 2019

20 February 2019

Bakers Hill Pavilion

13 March 2019

20 March 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

10 April 2019

17 April 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

8 May 2019

15 May 2019

Wundowie Hall

12 June 2019

19 June 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

10 July 2019

17 July 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

14 August 2019

21 August 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

11 September 2019

18 September 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

9 October 2019

16 October 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

13 November 2019

20 November 2019

Grass Valley Hall

11 December 2019

18 December 2019

Shire of Northam Council Chambers

Note: Available Councillors and staff including the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Managers will be available one (1) hour prior to the Forum meeting commencing at the Bakers Hill, Wundowie and Grass Valley location to allow for consultation with local residents.

Special Council Meetings

Special Council meetings are held on an as-needs basis throughout the year, in response to issues as they arise.

Public notice will be provided in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas and minutes are available for the public to view prior to meetings, please refer to Upcoming Minutes & Agendas.

For Agendas and Minutes of Council and Council Advisory Committees, please refer to Agendas & Minutes.

Public Participation at Council Meetings

The public are encouraged to attend both Council Meetings and Forums. If questions are to be directed to Council, the public are encouraged to give prior notice in writing so that the information is available at the meeting.

Please refer to Public Participation at Council Meetings for further information.