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Local Government Elections

Ordinary Elections

Shire of Northam elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October with half of the Councillors terms concluding at each biennial election. In the 2021 Shire of Northam Elections, the following five Councillors will be voted by the Community:

Central Ward

1 Councillor  Attila Mencshelyi elected unopposed

Town Ward

3 Councillors – Des Hughes, Hayden Appleton & Michael Ryan elected unopposed

West Ward

1 Councillor – Paul Curtis and Terry Little stood for election. Majority vote won by Paul Curtis 

Shire of Northam Ward Map

Nominating for Council

If you want to make a difference in your community and have a say in local decision-making, stand for election as a local government councillor. The Shire of Northam would like to encourage Aboriginal people, youth over 18 years and people from all ethnic cultures to consider nominating for Council.

Call for Nominations (Nominations are now CLOSED)

Information about standing for council can be obtained from the Western Australian Electoral Commission website at:

Who is able to vote in a local government election?

All local residents and business owners/occupiers are encouraged to enrol to vote in local government elections. 

All residents registered on the State/Federal electoral roll for properties within the Shire of Northam will be automatically registered for Local Government Elections.

To check and/or update your enrolment details please visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission's website here or phone the Commission on 13 63 06.

If you own or occupy property in the Shire but don’t live here, then you may still be eligible to vote. You may enrol up to two Owners/Nominees per property by filling in the Enrolment form. Each person is only entitled to one vote per ward in which the property is located. Enrolment forms must be lodged by 5pm, Friday 27th August 2021 to be eligible to vote in the 2021 Local Government Elections.  


Application for electoral enrollment
This is the standard enrol to vote form that registers you to vote in federal, state and local government elections. It must be returned to the WA Electoral Commission, not the Shire of Northam

Form 2 - Enrollment Eligibility Claim
Application to register non-resident owners and occupiers who are not included on the State/Federal roll. *Incorporating Notice of Nomination of co-owners or co-occupiers (is required by CEO).

You may make a claim for eligibility using this form at any time. However, if you want to be on the roll for a particular election you must give your claim form to the local government more than 50 days before the election date (close of rolls).

Form 2A - Application to Register a Nominee for a Body Corporate
The body corporate may make a claim for eligibility using this form at any time. However, if the body corporate wants to be represented on the roll for a particular election it must give its claim form to the local government more than 50 days before the election date (close of rolls).

Form 2B - Application to Register a Nominee for Co-Owners or Co-Occupiers
All, or a majority of, owners or occupiers may make a claim for eligibility using this form at any time. However, if you want to be represented on the roll for a particular election you must give this claim form to the local government more than 50 days before the election date (close of rolls). Please note that if you are applying to vote as an occupier of a property, you must include a copy of your lease agreement showing that you have the right to occupy the property for at least the next three months. 

Current Nominations

MENCSHELYI, Atilla Elected unopposed

District: Shire of Northam

Candidate Name: Attila John Mencshelyi

Ballot Paper Name: MENCSHELYI, Attila

Nominating for: Councillor for Central Ward

Election Type: Ordinary

As a current Shire Councillor with 10 years experience on the Northam Shire and City of Kalgoorlie/ Boulder, I have the necessary credentials and desire to continue representing the aspirations and wishes of the Northam Shire community. I actively listen to and advocate on behalf of all people and work effectively with fellow Councillors and Administration to ensure fairness and equity in all decision making. 

Specifically I am focussed on prudent financial management and accountability, value for money principles and ensuring annual rates are kept as low as possible so that they are not a burden on our ratepayers. Promotion of economic and social development and safe and continually growing Shire continue to be my visions for the future. 

Thank you for your continued support and vote!

Mobile: 0407 773 977

Postal Address: PO Box 488 Bakers Hill 6562



District: Shire of Northam

Candidate Name: Terry Matthew Little

Ballot Paper Name: LITTLE, Terry

Nominating for: Councillor for West Ward

Election Type: Ordinary

I live in the West Ward & have been a member of most sporting, emergency & community organisations in the area. 

I have worked hard in our community to achieve a lot of what we now have, Playground upgrades, undercover BBQ area, Skate Park, Kuringal Village, Lesser Community Hall, Sporting facilities, Oval lighting, Remembrance Garden, Mens Shed, Community bus to Northam etc. 

Drainage issues in our area, including El Caballo & Glenmore, still need urgent attention that I will advocate fiercely for. 

I will continue to strive to protect & improve our rural lifestyle for all residents, current & future. 

I am approachable, have time & drive to work for our community effectively & will continue to work on delivering our community plan, eg RV Park & community hub. 

Thank you. 

Terry Little AFSM JP

Mobile: 0437 362 017

Postal Address: PO Box 80 Wundowie 6560

RYAN, Michael Elected unopposed 

District: Shire of Northam

Candidate Name: Michael Patrick Ryan

Ballot Paper Name: RYAN, Michael

Nominating for: Councillor for Town Ward

Election Type: Ordinary

The Shire of Northam is a great place to live and work. I am 49 years of age and have lived in the Shire of Northam with my wife and two children since July 2004. I currently own and run a small country legal practice in Northam Town. I am an active supporter in the community.

In 2017 I had the privilege of being elected as a Shire Councillor and serving the community. since being elected, I have supported many community projects. Some of the projects include the final fit out of the Bilya Koort Boodja Centre, the Northam Aquatic Facility, the Northam Skate Park and Youth Space, and the Northam CBD Development, to name a few.

Its been exciting to see Northam grow more vibrant over the past 4 years, and I look forward to continuing to serve the Community as a Northam Shire Councillor.


Social Network Address:

APPLETON, Hayden Elected unopposed 

District: Shire of Northam

Candidate Name: Hayden Appleton

Ballot Paper Name: APPLETON, Hayden

Nominating for: Councillor for Town Ward

Election Type: Ordinary

My name is Hayden Appleton and I am running for town council.

I have lived and worked in Northam for the last 18 years. In that time I have settled in the community, gotten married, bought a house and have three children.I currently manage a small business where I interact with the public on a daily basis.

I believe that I have an opportunity to contribute to the town, bring my knowledge of the town and its citizens forward, in the hope that I can help shape the community. Maintaining our mage as of a proud town.

Northam is a growing community and I believe that I can make a difference, whilst maintaining the communities values that we hold so dear. I intend to use these values when making any informed decisions on our behalf.

If elected I hope to be a voice for our community.


CURTIS, Paul Elected by majority vote 

District: Shire of Northam

Candidate Name: Paul Curtis

Ballot Paper Name: CURTIS, Paul

Nominating for: Councillor for West Ward

Election Type: Ordinary

I reside in the west ward, married with children and grandchildren, actively volunteering with the Wundowie VFRS, Youth in Emergency Cadets and Wundowie Progress Association. A carpenter by trade but have worked with the Department of Justice for 15 years.

I will lobby for infrastructure and development to increase the viability of our place within the Shire, that maintains our country charm. Including a community hub designed around providing community activities and engagement.

To consistently advocate for community safety, business, property development, youth engagement, aged care support and strong law enforcement and emergency service ties.

Support people raising concerns and ensure that the town and the whole community is well represented at the Shire without any vested interests.

Mobile: 0419 977 226

Postal Address: PO Box 489, Wundowie 6560

HUGHES, DES Elected unopposed 

District: Shire of Northam

Candidate Name: Desmond Hughes

Ballot Paper Name: HUGHES, DES

Nominating for: Councillor for Town Ward

Election Type: Ordinary

I am a fifth generation Avon Valley resident, living in Northam with my wife and daughter.

I am an experienced councillor having previously served 10 years representing the people of Northam. During this time, I supported many of the projects that our community enjoys today and will in the future.

I am passionate about preserving our Heritage Listed buildings and I will do my upmost to prevent further demolition of buildings that are significant to Northam and our Shire for our future generations. I am very focused on keeping spending under control but I will not stand in the way of progress.

I am keen to attract new families and businesses to our town to promote growth and prosperity for young and old.

It would be an honour to once again serve my community as a Town Ward Councillor.

Home: 9622 2562

Postal Address: 295 Duke Street W Northam 6401


New and returning Councillors will be sworn in at a Special Meeting of Council to be held on Monday at 5.30pm in the Shire of Northam Council Chambers.