Fire Permits

Means a “Permit to Burn the Bush” as issued by an Authorised Officer under section 18 of the Bush Fires Act 1954.

  • Applications for Permits are available from at no cost.
  • You must comply with all conditions imposed by the Shire or an Authorised Officer in respect of any Permit issued by the Shire.
  • Permits will not be valid on days of “very high”, “severe”, “extreme” or “catastrophic” fire danger.
  • Permits may also be revoked if in the opinion of an authorised officer the conditions are not deemed suitable for prescribed burns.

Active Fire Permits with in the Shire of Northam

For a list of Permits issued in the Shire of Northam for the week please click the button below.

Approved Permits


Please call the Shire of Northam for Fire Permit information 9622 6100

Before you call 000 to report a fire check the up to date list of burn offs in your area by visiting

Apply for a Permit Online

During the Restricted Burning Period, a permit can only be obtained from the Shire website.

Permits will only be issued for a legitimate mitigation outcome or for primary producer requirements prior to seeding.

Permits will not be issued for social occasions or burning of rubbish.

If your permit is granted, all conditions on the permits must be strictly adhered to.

Failing to obtain a permit or breach of permit conditions can result in fines or prosecution.

During the March 1st - April 30th Restricted Burning Period, permits will only be issued to primary producers for crop preparation purposes only unless otherwise notified.

Permits will have a maximum 7 day duration.

Step 1:- Do I need a permit to burn?

If your burn does require a permit please download and complete fill in the Fire Permit Form with thefollowing information;

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Residential Address
  • Location (Address and/or Parcel) of the burn.
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Type of burn (i.e. Stubble, grass, bush)
  • Preferred Permit Commencement Date

The Shire will endeavour to respond to permit requests on the day of receiving a completed application, however during peak periods please allow 1-2 business days to process your application and issue your permit.

To assist with the processing of your application, when providing parcel descriptions please provide the full and current details (i.e. Lot and Plan Number). Quoting superseded or incomplete parcel descriptions may delay your request as the Shire uses current Landgate data to verify locations.  Landgate have a map viewer to assist the public in confirming addresses or lot details.

Completing the Application

The application is an editable PDF, if you are viewing on an apple device you will need Acrobat App to input your details using your device.

If you are using a windows based pc, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free tool for completing your application, and is essential to ensure the functionality of the form is maintained.

Click the "Apply for Permit" button to download a copy of the application to your device, please ensure that your internet browser is closed whilst completing the form to ensure that all of the forms functionality is maintained, please do not print this form.

Step 2:- The owner/occupier must fill in all required details on the form, providing both the residential address of the person submitting the application (18yrs or older) and the legal address of the property the burn is being conducted on.

Please include in your application a detailed location of the burn location as identified on the Landgate map viewer system. Please fill in all the Permit conditions you can, including the type and number of fire appliances/machinery and size of fire breaks in accordance with the Fire Break order, the water available during your burn etc.

The remaining conditions will be finalised by officers when processing your application.

Step 3:-  Click the Submit Button and your application will be sent via email for processing by our staff, if you don't get an automated reply email, your application has not been received.

Step 4:- Once the permit is received and processed. your authorised permit will be sent to you via email, where it should be printed and kept in hard copy by the person responsible for conducting the burn, NO burning should commence until the signed permit is received.

Step 5:- Read and follow all conditions on the Permit. Call DFES Communications Centre on 9395 9209 to register your burn.

Your burn will be placed on the website to keep the public informed and reduce potential 000 calls.


Apply for Fire Permit

***Permits maybe refused/cancelled at anytime by any Shire of Northam Bush Fire Control Officer***


The Burning of Garden Refuse

Pursuant to the powers contained in section 24G (2) of the Bush Fires Act 1954, the Shire of Northam prohibits the burning of all garden refuse within its district during the Prohibited Burning Times. This prohibition applies to all persons within the Shire's district.

The burning of garden refuse or rubbish on the ground or in an incinerator that would otherwise be permitted under Section 24F is prohibited absolutely on all land within the district during the Prohibited Burning Time.

Pursuant to the powers contained in Section 24G (2) of the Bush Fires Act 1954, the Shire of Northam PROHIBITS the burning of all 1m3 piles of garden refuse/rubbish on the ground or in an incinerator that would otherwise be permitted under Section 24F within its district during the Autumn Restricted Burning Period (1st March - 30th April).

All garden refuse/rubbish should be taken to the tip or disposed of in a manner other than burning.

Properties under 2000m2 or in a Gazetted Townsite are permitted to burn in Unrestricted Burning Period only.

The burning of garden refuse or rubbish on the ground or in an incinerator that would otherwise be permitted under Section 24F is prohibited on all land under 2000m2 (square metres) in size during the Restricted Burning Time, without a Fire Permit issued under Regulation 15 of the Bush Fires Act 1954.

(Permits will only be issued to fire brigades to conduct controlled burns).

All garden refuse should be taken to the tip or disposed of in another manner, other than burning.

Properties over 2000m2 Can burn small piles between 6pm and 11pm during the Spring Restricted Burning Period without a permit

During the Restricted Burning Time, residents on land that is greater than 2,000m² in area it is permissible to undertake the burning of garden refuse (dry leaves, small branches, off cuts, etc.) in separate piles on the ground no larger than 1.0 m³ between the hours of 18:00 (6pm) and 23:00 (11pm) by complying with all the conditions of section 24F (3) in the Bush Fires Act 1954.

All burns must be registered with the DFES Communications Centre on 9395 9209.

Permits Required in Restricted Period if the burn does not fit into the categories above

During the Restricted Burning Time, residents of the Shire may burn the bush for fire mitigation purposes by following the conditions of a valid permit to burn.

Fire Danger Ratings

For information on what the Fire Danger Ratings mean, and how they may impact you, please view the video below. 

The Fire Danger Fact Sheet will provide you with further information