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The Trolley Movement

Everyday shopping trolleys are taken from their rightful place at the supermarket and are left abandoned on our streets, or worse dumped in the river and bushland. The Trolley Movement is an initiative of the Shire of Northam to encourage the reporting of abandoned trolleys.

Shopping trolleys are provided by retailers for the use and convenience of their customers, but unfortunately some people think they can take them for their own personal use and then dump them when they’re no longer needed. Leaving a shopping trolley in a public place outside of the shopping centre car park is an offence and you could be fined $200.

The Trolley Movement

How to report an abandoned shopping trolley

If you see an abandoned shopping trolley then it is best to report it direct to the retailer.



Coles encourage the community to report their trolleys to their Abandoned Trolley Hotline

Woolworths encourage the community to report their trolleys to Trolley Tracker and offer an entry into a $1000 monthly prize draw with each report.

Phone: 1800 876 533

Phone: 1800 641 497



Via the Coles app

Via the Trolley Tracker App

Coles App Trolley Tracker App

The Shire of Northam is working with our supermarkets to address the issue. If you report a trolley to Coles or Woolworths & it is still not collected within a week then email it to [email protected] so we can take further action with the supermarket.