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Minson Avenue Design Guidelines

The Minson Avenue Design Guidelines have been developed in order to both encourage and facilitate development of land between Minson Avenue and Fitzgerald Street.

It is recognised that Fitzgerald Street is and will continue to be the principal retail and commercial street within the Northam townsite. The guidelines are intended to assist with the consolidation of Fitzgerald Street in this role. The guidelines seek to increase vibrancy and amenity of what is the principal activity area within the townsite.

With the increasing importance of the Northam town centre in the context of increased population, commercial functions and tourism opportunities the town site will need to build upon its existing strengths and facilitate development which both complements the traditional and historic nature of the town site, as well as providing for innovative development and diversity.

The area accommodates a wide range of commercial and retail uses including shops, restaurants and taverns. New commercial and retail uses are encouraged along with residential uses to consolidate established uses. The design guidelines are also intended to minimise any undesirable impacts between existing uses and future development.

Minson Avenue Design Guidelines.