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Fire Response Vehicle Identifier Stickers

Published on Monday, 24 October 2022 at 3:47:06 PM

The personal vehicle identifier ensures registered vehicles can assist DFES in bush fire response.

The stickers are designed to enable passage of approved vehicles through the vehicle control points (road blocks) where approved by the Incident Controller. Appliances or machinery without a Vehicle Identifier sticker may be delayed or prevented from assisting in the response.

Only private farm response vehicles equipped with a firefighting unit will be provided with a sticker, trailers are not permitted on the fire ground.

When applying please remember:

  • That suitable PPC must be worn at all times when on the fire ground.
  • Vehicle must have UHF, to enable communication with emergency service personnel on UHF5
  • Vehicle must be registered under the Road Traffic Act 1974.
  • Vehicle must have an Amber Beacon displayed at all times when on the fire ground.
  • Vehicle and equipment must have been inspected/serviced by a suitably qualified mechanic and certified as fit for purpose in the past 6 months.
  • Vehicle must comply with guidelines provided in the “ Operating Private Equipment at Bushfires” publication. See below.