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Northam Streetscape Consultation

Published on Wednesday, 31 January 2024 at 12:23:42 PM

Northam Streetscape Project

The Shire of Northam has engaged architects - Four Landscape Studio, to undertake a Streetscape Concept Plan and develop Character Studies for the Northam Central Business District. Consultation has occurred with internal stakeholders, Shire of Northam Councillors and the Cultural Advisory Group. The plans are now available for public comment and review. 

Shire of Northam Character Studies and Streetscape Concept Plan

The following documents were reviewed in preparation of the report and are available here:

Documents & Plans
• Town of Northam signage Strategy, Wayfound, 2018.
• Shire of Northam Trail Master Plan, Common Ground, 2022.
• Our plan for the future, Shire of Northam, Council Plan, July 2022- June 2032.
• Northam Town Centre Development and Connectivity Strategy. TPG Place Match.
• Shire of Northam Local Planning Scheme No.6. Local Planning Policy No. 18- Heritage Precincts.
• Shire of Northam Street Tree Management Plan, 2011.
• Shire of Northam Street Tree Policy, 2021.
• Native Vegetation Handbook for the Shire of Northam, DPIRD, 1999


At this stage of the Project the Shire of Northam is seeking feedback primarily to the four main topics as outlined in the Report:

  • Proposed Planting Palette (Northam CBD - Pages 16-18) 
  • Proposed Hard Landscape Material (Northam CBD - Pages 19-20)
  • Proposed Furniture Palette (Northam CBD - Page 21)
  • Proposed Entry Statements (Shire of Northam Towns - Page 25)

An online submission form has been developed to facilitate community feedback. Please note there is space on the form for other comments relating to the whole project, if you wish to provide input at a higher level or wish to include any comments on items such as inclusion and accessibility.

You can also print the form and complete it or write your own submission, which need to be received by Friday 1st March either by email, in person or by post.

All responses received within the submission period will be considered and will inform the future direction of the Streetscape Project.

Postal Address PO Box 613, Northam WA 6401

Administration Centre 395 Fitzgerald Street, Northam

Call (08) 9622 6100

email [email protected]