October 2014

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Cr Steve Pollard

President’s Message

Death of Councillor Ray Head

As many readers would now know, Cr. Ray Head passed away suddenly on Friday 10th October. His death leaves us without a great champion of all matters involving local government. Ray invested 25 years of his life as a Councillor with recent achievements including the successful merger of the Town of Northam and the Shire of Northam local governments in 2007. Ray was Mayor of the town for 6 years from 2001 to 2007 and was an inspiration to us all. He will be sadly missed by so many. Deepest sympathy is extended to his wife Julie and their family.

Avon Link Train
The new train schedule starts on 1st December so I encourage anyone who has been thinking about using the train to get to Perth and back to have a good look at trying to work their plans in to suit the train schedule. The train is quite costly to the State Government and we need to demonstrate through using the train that the Royalties for Regions funds used to keep the train active is well worth it.

Bernard Park Water Playground
With summer just around the corner, the new water playground is expected to be open from the 1st November. Our public pools in Wundowie and Northam are also scheduled to open at this same date.

Bushfire Season
The Shire has fire restriction requirements which must be complied with by the 1st November.
Details of the requirements were included in the Firebreak Order included with your annual rates notice. In residential areas for example, all flammable materials including dead grass must be reduced in height to less than 7.5cm. In other areas, firebreaks of at least 2m are required. Obviously, many situations require more substantial fire preparations than the bare minimums so please ensure you are ready for this fire season. Permits are now required to conduct burning anywhere within the Shire and the Prohibited burning period starts on 15th November so burning after that date is highly restricted.

Weed Management
The rains last weekend have resulted in the germination of Calthrop plants. This plant is prevalent in the Shire from now on and is very inconvenient to footpath and road verge users due to the spiked burs that the plant produces in great number. Can I please encourage anyone who sees this plant to dig it out wherever possible and dispose of the seeds appropriately? You will need to take protective precautions if the burs have set as each bur spike can be quite painful to the touch. 

Library News

Arts Program

Northam Library is running an after school arts program in term four for children 6-12 years.
This program commenced on Monday 13th October 2014 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm and the classes will run until the 8th of December 2014.
Areas covered will include:

• Using a colour wheel
• Sketching
• Great Artists and their works
• Creating your own Masterpiece
• Plaster sculptures
• Fabric painting
• Textiles and fabric printing
• Recycling Found Objects
• Decorating your own flute
At the end of the program there will be an exhibit of the children’s work in the library. Places for this class are strictly limited and can only be secured with payment at time of registration.
For more information, please email Hayley at
pdolib@northam.wa.gov.au or ring 9621 1600

Christmas Story Time

Christmas comes to the Northam Library with Pyjama Story Time. Starting Thursday 13th November 2014 at 6.00pm in the Children’s Library, there will be Christmas carols and stories galore and while you’re here, you can post your letter to Santa or check to see if your reply is on Santa’s Mail Board.
Dates are as follows:
Thursday 13th November 2014 at 6pm
Thursday 20th November 2014 at 6pm
Thursday 27th November 2014 at 6pm
Thursday 4th December 2014 at 6pm
Thursday 11th December 2014 at 6pm
Thursday 18th December 2014 at 6pm

Library Events

Ranger News

Firebreak Order 2014/2015

In an attempt to minimise the loss of lives and property in the event of a fire, the Shire of Northam issues a Firebreak Order to all ratepayers within the Shire each year. The order clearly states that it is an important notice to all owners and occupiers of land within the Shire of Northam. It lists the minimum required standards relevant to the location and size of each block of land. These requirements must be met by the 01 November of each year (unless otherwise advised) and they must be maintained up to and including 30 April of each year (unless otherwise advised). 

Many property owners and occupiers do not meet the basic requirement of having and maintaining their property free from all flammable material in accordance with the Firebreak Order. Many older style homes that have a high fire danger risk also have years of accumulated dry flammable material in their gardens, alongside buildings and in their guttering. Simply having a firebreak or vegetation excluding bushes, at a height of no greater than 7.5 cm may be enough to save you, other lives or your property. One spark carried in the wind from a fire across the road or even as far as a few kilometres away could easily land and ignite a fuel source on your property.
In the interest of safety for you, your loved ones, the Shire of Northam Rangers, Volunteer Bush Fire Fighters and all associated emergency personal that may be required to put their lives on the line - Please upgrade and maintain your properties to the required standards prior to the start of each Fire Season.
Please visit the www.northam.wa.gov.au for all the latest information regarding this Fire Season.
Failure to comply - Modified Penalty $250 plus repayment of contact fees.

Restricted Burning Period


Residents and visitors are reminded that with the onset of warmer weather, snakes are once more making an appearance. For your own safety please do not try to kill or remove any snakes. The removal of snakes should be conducted by an experienced handler.
Should you require the services of a snake handler please phone:
• Ray Adams (Northam) 0429910321
• Brian Peterson (Bakers Hill) 0427864019
• Luke Munro (Northam) 0459488202

Animal owners are advised to keep their properties tidy to discourage snake activity and ensure their dogs are not let to roam unleashed in bushland.

Dogs & Cats

All animal owners are reminded that their pet’s registrations expire on 31 October each year relevant to the period paid for. To avoid the newly increased modified penalty rates of $200 per offence, owners are reminded to ensure that their pet’s registration remains current and that they or their pets do not commit any offences under the Dog Act 1976 or the Shire of Northam’s Dogs Local Law 2008. Both documents can be viewed on the Shires website at www.northam.wa.gov.au

There has been an alarming increase in dog attacks in recent times. Dogs must be contained within their property and held by a leash by a person capable of controlling it whilst in public. Dogs in designated exercise areas must be under total control otherwise they should also be held by a leash.
Modified penalty for Dog attack causing injury or property damage - $400.00 or $200.00 without injury or damage. Please feel free to speak to the Rangers team on 9622 7267 regarding any matters that we may be able to assist you with.

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