Proposed Amendment to Health Local Law 2008 (Closed)


Proposed Amendment Local Laws

Pursuant 3.12 of the Local Government Act 1995 the Shire of Northam proposes to amend the Health Local Law 2008 and make the following Local Law:

Health Amendment Local Law 2018

Purpose:     The Shire of Northam Health Amendment Local Law 2018 makes amendments to the Shire of Northam Health Local Law 2008 which provides for the effective controlling of issues which may have the potential to impact the health and wellbeing of the community.

Effect:        To allow health related issues to be effectively controlled and provide an acceptable standard for the maintenance of public health.

A copy of the Local Laws may be inspected or obtained at the Shire of Northam Administration Office, the Northam and Wundowie Libraries, or on the Shire’s website.

Submission about the Local Laws may be made to the Shire prior to 4pm 15 June 2018

All submissions should be made in writing to:


          395 Fitzgerald Street

          PO Box 613

          Northam WA 6401

          P (08) 9622 6100

          F (08) 9622 1910