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Policy Manual Section I Policies
Policy Manual - Section II (Planning) Policies
G 1.1 Council Members - Continuing Professional Development Policies
G 1.2 Attendance at Events - Council Members Policies
G 1.3 Attendance at Events - Chief Executive Officer Policies
Local Planning Policy No. 26 – Container Deposit Infrastructure Policies
G 1.17 Acceptable Use of the Shire's Computing and Communication Resources - Staff Policies
G 1.4 Code of Conduct – Elected Members & Committee Members Policies
G 1.5 Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees Policies
G 1.6 Approval of annual and long service leave for the CEO and appointment of an Acting CEO Policies
G 1.7 Senior Employees Policies
G 1.8 Risk Management Policies
G 1.9 Council Member and Staff Interactions and Requests for Information Policies
G 1.10 Communications and Social Media Policy Policies
G 1.11 Corporate Uniform - Council Members Policies
G 1.12 No Smoking Policies
G 1.13 Alcohol Consumption Policies
G 1.14 Gratuity, Gifts and Departing Employees Policies
G 1.15 Code of Conduct - Staff Policies
G 1.18 Credit Card Use Policies
G 1.19 Public Interest Disclosure Policies
G 1.16 Acceptable Use of the Shire's Computing and Communication Resource - Council Members Policies
C 3.1 Community Grants Scheme Policies
C 3.2 Shire of Northam Library Service Policies
C 3.3 Art Collection Policies
C 3.4 Write Off / Waive Small Fees or Debts Policies
F 4.6 Asset Disposal Policies
F 4.1 Accounting Policy REVOKED Policies
F 4.2 Procurement Policy Policies
F 4.3 Investment Policy Policies
F 4.4 Local Price Preference Policies
F 4.5 End of Year Surplus Policies
F 4.7 Annual and Long Service Liability Policies
F 4.8 Rates Hardship Policy Policies
W 5.1 Engineering Technical Specifications – For Construction of Subdivisions, Roads & Stormwater Drains Policies
W 5.2 Crossovers Policies
W 5.3 Road Building Materials – Gravel Policies
W 5.4 Notice of Entry for Public Services & Utilities Policies
W 5.5 Street Tree Policy Policies
W 5.6 Verges Policy Policies
W 5.7 Asset Management Policy Policies
W 5.8 Heavy Haulage Cost Recovery Policy Policies
W 5.9 Vehicle & Plant Management Policy Policies
H 6.1 ALFRESCO – Outdoor Eating in Public Place Policies
H 6.2 Short Term Use of Shire Ovals and Reserves for Accommodation Policies
H 6.3 Genetically Modified Crops Policies
H 6.4 Temporary Accommodation During the Construction of a Dwelling Policies
H 6.5 Disused Motor Vehicles Policies
H 6.6 Conversion of Class 10 Buildings to Class 1 Habitable Buildings Policies
H 6.7 Portable Signs on Thoroughfares Policies
H 6.8 Political Issues Signs Policies
H 6.9 Trading on Thoroughfares & Public Places Policies
B 7.1 Amalgamation of Lots for Building Sites Policies
B 7.2 Retaining Walls Policies
B 7.3 Roof Drainage - Townsites Policies
B 7.4 Signs – Building Permit Requirements Policies
B 7.5 Water Tanks Installation Policies
B 7.6 Electric Fences Policies
A 8.1 Policy on Harvest, Vehicle Movement and/or Hot Works Bans REVOKED Policies
A 8.2 Policy for Children on a Fire Ground Policies
A 8.3 Records Management Policies
A 8.4 Complaints Management System Policy Policies
A 8.5 Management of Council Property Leases Policies
A 8.6 Consent to Consume Liquor in or on a Council Property (Public Place) Policies
R 9.1 Multiple Dog Policy Policies
Local Planning Policy No. 25 - Spencers Brook Special Control Area Policies
Customer Service Charter Policies