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Council Plan 2022-2032

Published on Wednesday, 2 August 2023 at 4:02:12 PM

At the 21 June 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting, an update to the Corporate Business Plan component of the Shire of Northam’s Council Plan 2022 - 2032 was adopted.


The Council Plan 2022-2032 consists of two components being the Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan. The Strategic Community Plan provides the strategic direction for our Shire which was identified through extensive community consultation. The Corporate Business Plan is a rolling four-year plan which identifies the services, activities and projects and their resourcing requirements to deliver on the strategies and outcomes of the Strategic Community Plan.


Thanks for taking the time to look at and read our Council Plan.  What we have done, after listening to the Community, is to put many of the ideas and thoughts of our residents and ratepayers into this plan.  This Council Plan gives a clear direction to the Shire of Northam Council as to what areas we need to focus on in all of the short, medium and long term.  To make sure we are on track, we will revisit this plan, by listening to the community,  regularly over the next few years. – Shire President, Cr Chris Antonio


Areas that the Council will be focusing on in 2023/24 includes:



2.1.2 – Advocate to attract new businesses to meet youth and family leisure needs.

3.1.1 – Advocate for attraction and retention of specialist and ancillary health services in Northam.



4.1 – Create and healthy and attractive river system to enhance sustainability, recreation, and tourism

6.1 – Lead by example through the use of promotion of sustainable practices.



7.1 – Provide sufficient land and development opportunities to enable local communities to grow.

7.2 – Ensure community access to safe and diverse housing options.



10.1 – Pursue economic growth, innovation and diversification.

10.3 – Revitalise and activate town centres.

11.1 – Advocate for improved access to education, training and personal development opportunities.



12.4 – Have a happy, competent and committed workforce that lives local.


The Council Plan is available for public viewing on the below link:


Shire of Northam – Our Plan for the Future 2022-2032 available for viewing here:

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