Proposed changes to Local laws - Public Place Trading and Parking (Closed)

The Local Government Act 1995

The Shire of Northam Proposed Local Government Laws

At the 15 February 2017 Ordinary Council meeting, the Shire of Northam passed a motion to review the following local laws relating to:

Proposed Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law

Purpose: To consolidate various local laws relating to activities in thoroughfares and public places and trading.

Effect: Some activities are prohibited, some activities are permitted only under permit in thoroughfares and public places. Also, the local law enables a local government to require house numbering and the erection of fences in certain circumstances.

Proposed Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law

Purpose: The purpose of this Local Law is to constitute a parking region; enable the local government to regulate the parking of vehicles within the parking region; and provide for the management and operation of parking facilities occupied by the local government.

Effect: A person parking a vehicle within the parking region is to comply with the provisions of this Local Law.

A copy of the proposed changes to the local laws may be inspected or obtained from the Shire Office at 395 Fitzgerald Street Northam between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and at any public library within the Shire of Northam during normal opening hours.

Submissions about the proposed changes to the local laws may be made in writing prior to Monday 17 April 2017 to:



          395 Fitzgerald Street

          PO Box 613

          Northam WA 6401

          P (08) 9622 6100

          F (08) 9622 1910