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New to the Shire

 As the President of the Shire of Northam, and on behalf of my fellow Councillors, I wish to extend a warm welcome and thank you for choosing to live in the Shire of Northam.

 Below are some links to information regarding the many services and activities available, which may be of interest to you and your family.

 Shire of Northam Overview

Including historic and current information about the Shire, general information and our commitment to continued development.

 Shire of Northam Snapshot

Including education providers, recreational facilities, primary industries, suburbs/localities, tourist attractions, significant local events etc.

 Council Information

Including Council meeting dates, Council committees, community representation etc.

Shire of Northam Councillors and Senior Staff

Find out who are your local representatives

Council Services

Including information relating to:

  • Planning such as local planning scheme, strategy and planning policy information, laneways, residential development, subdivision/amalgamation of land, heritage buildings and extractive industries;
  • Building such as general building information, dwellings, demolition information, outbuildings/sheds, swimming pools, Council’s building policies, private storm water requirements;
  • Environmental health such as food business information and application forms, noise, temporary accommodation, mosquitos, liquor licensing, asbestos, the keeping of poultry & pigeons, public buildings and applications for stallholder, street traders and events;
  • Rangers such as dog and cat information rural street numbering and animal control;
  • Fire & emergency services such as fire mitigation, firebreaks and fuel loads, volunteer, fire permits, burning times, fire bans and standpipes;
  • Engineering and works such as construction and maintenance of roads, drainage, footpaths, sports fields, parks, gardens, street trees and verge developments within the Shire.
  • Waste and recycling such as waste facilities and kerbside rubbish and recycling collection;
  • Library Services such as information relating to the Northam and Wundowie Library, its services, resources and programs being ran.
  • Recreation Services such as recreational facilities, facility bookings and information relating to a range of sport and leisure programmes, events and services.

Community Contacts

Including local community groups, sporting clubs and media.

Events Calendar

Find out about local events in your community and Shire.

Youth Engagement and Activities

Find out about current organised programs and activities for youth.

 Things to Do / Points of Interest

Find out information about attractions, accommodation, and eating out, nature & parks, tours, arts & culture, museums and adventure.