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Northam Townsite Laneway Review Adopted

There are over 3.5 kilometres of laneways located throughout the Northam Town site. The great majority of the laneways are classified as ‘Private Streets’ and as such are not within the direct ownership, management and control of the Shire of Northam.

Despite their ‘private’ ownership status, laneways are commonly perceived by the population to be public areas and look to the Shire to address any related issues including management and safety.

The Shire of Northam Laneway Review has been prepared in an effort to determine the future of the laneways in the locality of Northam.

This review identifies the most appropriate course of action for each laneway based on an assessment of its existing characteristics and potential future prospects, whilst taking into account a range of factors including existing social concerns, development potential and surrounding land uses.

Northam Townsite Laneway Review Adopted.