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Are Your Firebreaks Compliant?

Published on Thursday, 26 October 2023 at 2:41:06 PM

Property with land of an area less than 10,000m2 (1 hectare) including residential property within townsites, to ensure you are firebreak compliant, you will need to:

• Maintain all grass on the land to a height no greater than 10cm all windrows or dead flammable material must be removed.
• Maintain fuel loadings in natural bush areas at less than 8 tonnes per hectare across the land
• Land with a habitable building on it must maintain a Building Protection Zone.

If you are a TENANT please check with your Landlord and Tenancy Agreement to ensure you are aware of whether you are being held responsible, as the requirements are more specific than merely “maintaining the garden”.

Please refer to our website for a copy of the Fire break and Fire Safety Information