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Unrestricted Burning Period

Published on Thursday, 15 April 2021 at 6:00:06 PM


The Shire of Northam advises that the un-restricted burning period will commence on Monday 19th April 2021.
The Shire would like to remind residents that despite the greenness of the vegetation in some areas, there is still a risk of your fire escaping and becoming a danger to our community.

Before you conduct your planned burn, please observe the following precautions

  • Confirm it has been two days but no more than 10 days since it last rained (5mm or greater). You can check at
  • Check for mild weather conditions for the next several days at
  •  Do not burn if strong winds and dry conditions are forecast.
  • Ensure all equipment is available and in good working order. Include a metal rake, shovel, hose or another source of water.
  • Confirm that the people helping you with the burn are still available.
  • Notify all neighbours no less than four days prior to burning. This includes neighbours separated by a road, lane or waterway.

For more information on how you can conduct your burn safely, please visit the Department of Fire & Emergency Services, Planned Burning information website

Please download the Burn Smart guide for more tips on how you can burn safely and continue to prepare your property over the winter burning season