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Water Corporation Smoke testing

Published on Thursday, 2 February 2023 at 2:17:48 PM

Water Corporation will carry out smoke testing in the wastewater system in Northam as part of a project to see how it can be better protected from storm water intrusion during heavy rainfall events. 

 The testing will involve injecting liquid white smoke into the wastewater system through access chambers (manholes). The smoke will travel through pipes and if it escapes, will show where storm water can get in to the system. 

 The testing may result in smoke coming through property gutters and external air vents, but there is no cause for alarm.

 Water Corporation appreciates the understanding of the community while they carry out these important smoke tests.

 If you have any concerns during the smoke tests do not hesitate to call Water Corporation Senior Planner, John Regan on

P : 9420 3617.

 A letter drop will be provided giving 24 hours’ notice.

 If residents suspect smoke is coming from an actual fire, they should always call the Fire Brigade on 000.