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Fire Permits

Published on Wednesday, 9 November 2022 at 4:23:25 PM

If you are wanting to burn garden refuse, you can do so without the need for a permit providing your meet the following criteria.
1. Your property is over 2,000 square metres (exemption provided to Fire Brigade burning only).
2. You are NOT a resident of the gazetted townsites of Wundowie, Northam or Grass Valley.
3. A garden hose capable of reaching the full extent of the fire.
4. The ability to remain present at the fire until fully extinguished with water, leaving no smouldering material or white ash.
5. The Fire Danger rating for that day does not reach “High”.
Should you meet the above criteria you are entitled to burn one (1) cubic metre of organic material at a time between the hours of 6pm & 11pm each night.
To avoid unnecessary callouts for our volunteer personnel, all burns must be registered with the Department of Fire & Emergency Services Communications Centre on 9395 9209.
All other burning will require an application of a permit.
For more information and on how to apply for a permit, it can be found in the link below.